IPL Hair Removal manufacturer from design to finished
Siken 3D IPL Hair Removal manufacturer focusing on the production of IPL Hair Removal for 13 years.location in Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China.
There are partners from American, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, and other more countries. We support OEM&ODM also Wholesale supplier.
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Siken 3D looking for suitable IPL Hair Removal distributors or partners all over the world.
We are from China and provide services worldwide.
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Manufacturing Process
Circuit Design & PCB layout
Mould Making
External Industrial Design Internal Mechanism Design
Prototype or Mock Up Making for Design Verification
Software Programming
Plastic Injection
Product Production
SMT(Surface Mount Technology)
Quality Inspection
How Siken 3D Manufacturing products for your brand
Creative and innovative ideas
Ensure that manufacturers are ahead of the curve in terms of fashionability by having a design team that captures and controls the lifecycle of each product
3-D design software to quickly realize your ideas
3-D design software to quickly realize your ideas
Efficient implementation of the product model to remove the traditional inefficient communication model
Automated production equipment
The manufacturer ensures that each product has the ability to be produced efficiently and at low cost through a sound management system and standardized production.
IPQC-Production process quality control
IPQC-Production process quality control
Quality is the basis for long-term cooperation between manufacturers and partners, siken always knows that the future is worth looking forward.
OTD-Mass production
Improve production efficiency, reduce defective product loss and effectively reduce operating costs through automatic injection molding and other equipment
SOP-Standardized operating procedures
SOP-Standardized operating procedures
Every production step of the manufacturer conforms to the IOS9001 corporate production standard, to achieve a higher standard of delivery, so that your brand interpretation of the perfect product
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IPL Hair Removal Manufacturing
Manufacturing all the parts
The production of a IPL Hair Removal, from 0 to 1, as a quality supplier manufacturer, strictly control every step of production, pay attention to every detail How Siken 3D manage the whole manufacturing process of IPL Hair Removal and complete your order on budget and on time, batch after batch.
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